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Muscle / Weight Loss after stopping gear

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  • Muscle / Weight Loss after stopping gear


    Skip and I went back and forth a bit (in a good way) on one thread about muscle gained from heavy gear use.(Being water, or tissue, etc).
    Yes, gear builds tissue over time. But when heavy use is started right away and someone blows up 30 lbs in a month, its mainly water.
    (Like tons of the gear/pro-hormone logs around the web indicate). After doing their 30-day PH "cycle" they do PCT, lose 28 of those pounds and keep 2. (Which also could have been gained as a natty, the 2 pounds).

    Thor just lost 80 pounds over 8 weeks, he did not lose 80 pounds of lean-tissue. It (living tissue) does not disappear like that. It can shrink, and go-away over time, just not that tiny length of time.
    (He was still weight training hard for Icelands strongest man, which he won for the 10th time, while being down 50 pounds).
    You could see him in his 501K DL video, HUGE, red faced, bloated. He looks much healthier now. (A couple months later).

    Point being for those who are natty thinking about gear, build a good foundation with some real muscle for a few years. If you use, look into starter cycles and maybe stay there for a while.
    Dont just jump into grams a week. We've all seen the BB's who go off, those with a good foundation still look decent. Many that never had that foundation look like they never saw a barbell.

    Just my 2 CC's, mini-rant over.

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    You also need to gain weight correctly. So that later the body can be simply rocked.


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      I think, If you use heavy gear at the start you must get some injury, Thor is really a good inspiration for those who just starting work out, but If I talk about my self I want to gain weight because I am a skinny person, and I recently start workout.
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        I prefer to do some to have gained some movement in my front and side splits. However, I'm still a long way off being able to do the full splits. But it's work for me after the cycle. I suggest view this review
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          I lost over 40 pounds after an extended hospital stay last year.Got out weighing 170.Training over 20 years 4 naturally.It was a total mindfuk how fast it went away.My test levels were at 30 lol.