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  • Blood Work is Just the Beginning...

    As we know, in our lifestyle, keeping an eye on blood work is done by most gear users, and most trainers in general over the age of 40 (or should be), even if its just the yearly Dr. visit / physical.
    I read a lot, both 'real books' and online (studies, peoples journals, etc) and many still believe that if your blood work is good, that you have nothing to worry about.
    Maybe with John Meadows recent findings, people will start to think more, listen to their bodies more, pay attention to family history more, and not just think they are perfect if their blood-work is.
    Leading up to Johns recent heart attack, he was posting some of the best bloods that I've seen, especially by long time bodybuilders / gear users. (He's pretty open about his use over time, etc).
    Dont get me wrong, bloods are very important, but they are IMO just a starting point. Now John has to deal w/ a 25-35% ejection fraction, possible implant (ICD I believe) (Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator) which could be life-changing. But, it has saved many lives over the years. I wish the best for John, such a good guy and great for bodybuilding.

    Skip, Scott and S2H had a good chat on BSG recently about health supplements (think "on-cycle support"). I happen to be one who is a user of many that support cardiovascular health.
    While many think they are a waste of money or useless, I feel better using what I use, and have had bloods done to prove they do work. (Lipids down from 300 to 200 using Niacin, Red Yeast Rice (real stuff from overseas w/ actual 5 mg of natural Monacolin-K ) Fish oil, etc.

    Other stuff I use: Carditone for blood pressure (proven its helped me w/ daily BP readings), Ubiquinol / CoQ10, Vit K2, Magnesium, etc. (All the heart stuff).

    Anyways, one of the main reason I use that stuff, is 1. I get good blood-marker results, 2. I feel better, 3. hereditary issues.

    As a kid, I watched my father get legs chopped off as a young man from Diabetes, and suffer right up to age 47 where he died from severe diabetes and heart disease. (They go hand in hand).
    So as a young muscle-mag reader, I always believed all the steroid horror stories and stayed away from them. (All we had was Mags in the 70's, 80's, etc).

    He (father) also had lots of cancer in his family, and my younger brother died of colon cancer a few years back, also at age 47. So having a bit of health supps, I just feel good taking them.

    One thing I did last year was go for a calcium scan (coronary). So I scored a 500 (anything over 400 could be "severe atherosclerosis". (AKA heart disease).

    This made me follow up with all the other tests (echo-stress test, etc). For me, it ended up being "zero' heart disease (calcium does not equal heart disease) but I did have calcified plaque.
    (Statins doing there job of capping / calcifying the plaque and not letting it burst). At age 54 my ejection fraction is 65% (a top measure to be at) and have zero blockages.

    So for you older guys, I would suggest getting a calcium scan done (like $125.00 at local hospital) and then even follow up with "stress-echo" test (tell your Dr you're getting lots of chest pain).

    Lie, play the system, get all the info you can, bloods alone just dont tell the whole story.

    Another example of no hereditary issues, zero drug use, zero rec drink or drugs, and parents who lived into late 90's (both).

    My friend Peter is a life long lifter, regular guy, teacher, never smoked, drank or even saw an anabolic drug.
    Both his parents lived to 95>.

    Peters always had perfect blood work, perfect lipids, etc.

    Peter was having some chest pain, and nausea. He was going to go home and lie down, but his gym mate told him to go to ER. (He was looking pale).
    Good thing he did, they sent him right in for triple-bypass (widow-maker) and saved his life.

    Again, perfect bloods, zero drugs, incredible longevity genes.

    The main message to my wall of text is this. While great blood work is a good thing to have, get all the testing done that you can, even if it means making shit up (like chest pain, etc).
    You never really know whats going on inside, and people like Peter and Meadows, there are lots like them who die each day w/ perfect blood-work.

    Dont just take your Dr's word for things, play the system, take your health into YOUR hands. Get shit done...
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