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Removing body hair

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  • Removing body hair

    Saw some old threads here concerning this topic, but of course new trimmers come out all the time. What do you folks suggest for electric or battery powered body shavers/trimmers?
    I don't want to use a normal multi-blade razor. I feel the electric ones are better for me. Need a new one, looking for suggestions...

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    For body hair, I've used the mangroomer for years. I've ordered (it) off of Amazon but you can, of course, buy direct.

    For the nether regions....the Lawnmower 3.0 by Manscaped (they have other useful products there too, if that's your thing).

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      I use this one:

      It was $35 and gets the job done. If I want to go closer I'll use the "One Blade" I have for my face but it takes longer because it's a smaller blade head.


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        Just trimmers like the beard or hair clippers on lowest level. Don’t want ingrowns


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          Thx guys..