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i almost had to beat down

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  • i almost had to beat down

    my friends came over for the UFC fight. a couple who we have been friends with came over and the girl starts play punching me during the fight. i tell her to cool it or i will flip her on her head. she continues so i grab a leg drag her to me and the back of her neck and press her over my head sitting on the couch(95# she is tiny) then drop her upperbody and grab her other leg and was holding her upside down by her jeans. her boyfriend was drunk and grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. he actually bowed up at me. he thankfully sat when i told him too. (he wasnt that drunk to disobey) he apologized later. i was just playin, my wife was there, everybody was laughing but him. oh well thought i would share. it would take alot for me to kick his ass but the test was really flowing thru my veins. it would have been ugly :Punch:
    time is the best teacher, to bad it ends up killing its pupil

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    Say it had gone further. Would you have the self control to just give him a bit of a beating or would you have lost it on him. I just want to know in case you ever invite me over to watch TV hehehehehe.