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Help me learn to be a good personal trainer. . .

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  • Help me learn to be a good personal trainer. . .

    I have a hookup with a friend, im starting within a week at WOW as a personal trainer. I have 90 days to get certified, but I can start training clients right away. Problem is, im not sure what the staples of being a personal trainer are. I only know how to train muscleheads and young men. Im kinda worried about training women, old people, and overweight people correctly, and il most likley be in that spot within a week. Can anyone direct me to any free sites or information that would greatly help me be the best personal trainer I can be? Im a perfectionist, so if I do something, and I like helping people improve their bodies, I wanna be the best. I will put as much time and effort into it needed, so give me all you got, and you can bet il read it many times over til its second nature to me.

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    Funny, I was thinking earlier how this trainer (who's also a friend) at our gym has asked me for my advice on how I've lost weight.

    I've seen numerous trainers over the years ask KR for advice too.

    I know, this isn't helping. Just letting you know that all you can do is "do your best" and keep learning!
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