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What are you doing this weekend??

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  • What are you doing this weekend??

    I've leg night tommorrow night so Friday nights are pretty shot. Saturday night, I'm taking the wife and baby to a hockey game. Another boring weekend in the Northeast, I can't wait until summer gets here.

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    saturday getting a massage!
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      Originally posted by KidRok
      saturday getting a massage!
      you getting the happy ending with that


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        I'll be watching soccor tomorrow... maybe.


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          Going to a health expo today! Tomorrow we are going to a jazz concert, a tribute to Grover Washington..
          Love that jazz
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            Doing two Easter Egg Hunts--one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Other than that, maybe wash the vehicles depending on the weather. I live a pretty boring life...

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              Originally posted by KidRok
              saturday getting a massage!

              Me too

              Then we get a bunch of teenagers invading our house after the Jr Prom. Oh joy.
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                Ive had a trying week.. so I think we ( my sweetheart and I ) are going to start Saturday off by going to the beach, and ended it, butt ass naked in the hot tub with all of the hottest chics in town....well its a nice thought, but not realistic. The hot tub is only built for 5 or 6....
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