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Biges ttraining mistakes youve ever made:

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  • Biges ttraining mistakes youve ever made:

    As a teenager I started lifting at the JR. High school weight room, ( HEY KR--Staley Jr high!)

    I was a military brat so I also worked out at the base gym. On the weekends me and my friend would do 100 sets/ 10-20 reps of bench presses.....thats right! 100 SETS! it took all day, about 6 hrs...some days we would just see how many total reps we could do in a day... I think back and wonder how the F were we able to do it? we didnt know any better, but damn you think we would collapse.

    I wonder what effect it had on me? did it help or hender my long term progress.
    I was 13 y/o when we started training.

    It was a fun past time back then. The biggest thrill was to see a vien!
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    The biggest training mistake I ever made was training legs EVERY DAY! LOL!!! I knew nothing and couldnt find anyone willing to teach me so I did the math on my own. If working out makes you big then working out MORE makes you BIGGER! Kinda like if 2 are good, 4 HAVE to be better? Yeah, well now I've got some strong ass legs, when my knees let me play that is, but they are WAY smaller than the rest of me from all that over training!!! I hate it!

    Thats one reason why I make it a point to help young guys at the gym, even if they dont listen to me, at least they cant say they were never told, know what I mean?


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      I always had good weight training teachers and good coaches that would teach you the correct way to do things. Some differed in opinion but overall, they were good.

      But the biggest training mistake was when I was a freshman in highschool, actually the summer before. They opened up the weight room for all of the people that were going to play football in the fall.

      You know that machine that is for your calfs? The one that you get under and stand up with it on your shoulders? Well I think the highest weight it had on it was like some 500 pounds or so. I thought it was for squats. So I put it real low and lifeted it (probably like 200 lbs or so). That was easy. I put it up for another hundred, all the way until I was at the max. I went to go get the varsity football coach to show him my amazing strength.

      When I attempted the full stack the coach pointed out that I was lifting all wrong, I was lifting with my back. Right when he said that, I felt some mid-vertebra "pop" and my back got extremely tight. I threw my back out and pulled some muscles.

      It took me several months to recover, luckily I was ready to go when practice started.
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        20+ sets per bodypart and training 6 days a week.
        "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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          It seems as if everybody has made the mistake of theory is right!
          (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

          That which we manifest lies before us.


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            Not meeting DC when I was 15 years old, man I would have been the next Vic Richards.

            I was stupid when I was 16 I was Flat Benching 250 in my basement, and couldn't do the last rep, oh shit, well I though for a while, of course I had ends on, so I slowly slid the bar to one side, and was able to get out, no harm to me but the concrete had a little problem...
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              High school , training entire body twice a week, no friggin wonder I didn't grow back then.
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                I've over trained, over ate, under ate you name it but my biggest mistake was drinking when I was in my 20s. I think that really hindered my gains. And I'm not talking about an occasional beer I was out terrorizing the city every night.
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