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  • Favorite MLB team?

    Mine is the Oakland A's. Can't believe Tejada is gone, he was a leader like no other.

    Looks like Chavez needs to step up.

    No one can argue our pitching, the best in the league.
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    Go Padres.!!!!...what the hell is a padre?
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      JayW - this is where we go our separate ways.....NY Yankees for me.

      I'm not sold on this new team that George bought. Money doesn't make great teams, just look at the NY Rangers.

      The A's have got great pitching......


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        Damn the Yankees lineup is scary.

        Oh, I was hoping one would dispute my "best pitching" remark, lol.
        Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes


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          NY Yankees since I was a young lad, but as MM said "$$$ can't buy a great team".
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            Wacth out for those Cubbies this year...I think the curse maybe over!

            Oakland would be one of my favorite teams, i have a couple.
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              You know those guys use dem steroids to hit the ball, dont you? I will just have no part of that...

              Ok, now that Ive got that out of my system..Ive always rooted for the cubbies, but I really cant sit down and watch baseball on TV until the playoffs/series...maybe the Tigers will only lose 100 this year?


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