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  • Eagles?

    Who thinks the Eagles are SuperBowl bound this year?
    Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes

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    T.O. Will definitely help them get there, he's still a cocky asshole though. Did you see the interview with him about 2 weeks ago in his house? They were interviewing him in front of his statue of himself in the hallway of his own house.
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      Yes, he is a bastard. But he is a great receiver.

      Who is the team to beat in the NFC this year? I have to say Eagles.
      Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes


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        If they stay healthy, there should be no reason they cant contend again. But you never know when the injury bug will strike...look at what happened w/ Vick in Atl..they go 2-10 without him. I dont think anything that drastic (record) would happen with Philly, but you never know.

        The draft is about a month away so we will see what happens as well.

        Other NFC teams to be up there too could be STL and Dallas...Carolina back as well?

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          The Eagles are going to be tough. If TO messes up just a little those Philly fans are going to get all over him.

          I think Carolina and St. Louis will be tough.
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