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Oh yeah I'm pissed.....

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  • Oh yeah I'm pissed.....

    So my boy from work (actually a subordinant) makes plans to kick it with me. The plans were to go to this mini-party, with nothing but girls (yes, 100% girls). Then after that, we were going to hit up a big party with many people. Both were things I really wanted to do.

    So far, he's flaked. It's 11:10pm and I heard from him at 9:45 saying he'd be 20 minutes. I can't get a hold of him now, his phone keeps going to his VM.

    The worst part is, the girls at this party called me asking me to bring a bottle of vodka and a disposible camera. They said if that was to happen, they would all get naked.

    So here I am, all by myself just posting here on a Saturday night.

    The next worst part is, I could have done other things tonight. I had an offer to go to the bar with my regular friends, I had an offer to go the the beach for a bonfire party, and finally, I had an offer to go to the club with BiggerStronger and a few females.

    Fuck this shit.

    If you're wondering why I just don't go myself, I have two DUI's and I've drank two drinks already and have no desire for a third DUI. At least my self control is with me, that may just be the highlight of my night.

    If not, I'll check in with you all tomorrow and give you the juicy details.

    Damn, and those naked girls called me twice while typing this message.
    Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes

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    that sucks... right now you could be with lots of naked females!!!!! but you're home alone chatting on a board. that's sad


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      we are all very disappointed jw...... please tell me you were able to make it to the party with the camera???!!!!
      "Well done is better than well said"



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        Oh yeah, I made it. Literally a minute after posting this message I got a call from my boy. He was beatin' (or haveing sexual intercourse to you and me) and was unable to pick up his phone. Anyway, I made it there, we had a blast. Yes the girls were rambuncious and get this, When I called them to see what they wanted from the store, they said most were already passed out so don't bring the camera.

        Well, with my charm, I managed to get the sleeping girls to get back up and party. They were all in their PJ's too, ooh.

        So they all get re-drunk and want to take pictures. So all I have is my camera phone. So they take a butt load of pictures of themselves. Some pretty good one's too. BUT!!!!!!!

        I got home real late and my GF was pissed. So I slept until about noon. While in my deep slumber, my GF erases all the pics and gets EXTREMELY mad at me.

        We're fine now. That's the jist.
        Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes


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          She erased the pics!! Damn bro, ya gotta hide the evidence!!!!

          Coulda been "Girls Gone Wild With IntenseMuscle Bro's Part One"!!!

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            Oh now that wasnt the ending I wanted to read or see at all...Very disappointed to say the least, but Im sure youve learned your lesson and wont let it happen again.

            I like the idea SS gave about the Girls Gone have some work to do Jay...:boobies:

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              I'm up to the challenge!
              Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes


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                Originally posted by SuperSport

                Coulda been "Girls Gone Wild With IntenseMuscle Bro's Part One"!!!

                lol!!! you could be the next board sponsor.