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How much is gasoline?

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  • How much is gasoline?

    For us it seems to be going up and down quite a bit. The last time I checked it was down, at like 1.89 for the 87.

    About a month or two ago, you couldn't find it for less than 2.09 a gallon for 87.

    That's here in the bay area by the way.
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    Here in Orange County, CA its $2.19 for 87, it is down a few cents from last week...
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      1.86 for 89 octane here in tourist oriented Central Fla.
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        $1.85 for 87 octane here in CNY.


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          $1.74 for 87 this morning.....we have a fuel depot here so I guess we get it cheap...

          My gas bill runs about $1000 per month with my business......
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            its at 2.09 for 87 where a live at


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              2.15 for the cheap shit...
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                1.74 here in central wisc
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                  1.69 for 87 in Seminole County (20 miles north of SM)
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                    I paid $1.69 this morning although I did see a varying range depending on where I was...from $1.64 - $1.89...this was all within probably 2-3 miles of each other. WTF?

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                      $1.68 here. It's been as high as $1.72 recently and as low as $1.55.
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                        I remember when it use to be .75 for 87 octane

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                          A little bit more then 1 euro for 1 liter,

                          1 euro is almost the same as 1 dollar...

                          That's the price here in Europa, you guys are so lucky.

                          For example, I have to drive 5 days to work in a week,
                          1 drive to work and back is 75km total.

                          So in a month only my fuel cost more then 200 dollars.

                          I think 75km is 40 mile, don't know that for sure.

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                            I use the 94 octane at Sunoco which is running about $1.90 now