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  • This weeks movie review....

    I'd like to do weekly movie reviews here on the board. The only problem, I didn't go out and see a movie this week. So what I'll do is review a movie I saw on TV.

    This weeks review: Planet of the Apes (with Mark Wahlberg)

    I personaly felt this movie had great action and a good storyline. My only complaint is the way the monkey's or "ape's" looked. Their faces just weren't beleivable. They didn't look like evolved apes.

    Acting as a whole was good, but I felp our friend Marky Mark lacked a little. It just wasn't as good as it could have been.

    So out of my 5 stars, this movie gets.....

    Three and a half, worth watching while on TV, and even renting, just glad I didn't spend 10.00 bucks at the theatre.
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    I saw this movie on the flight over to Spain a couple of years served its purpose for that flight but I wouldnt have normally rented it and certainly wouldnt (and didnt) pay to see it in the movies.

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      I saw it at the theatre..


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        wtf??? wasn't released like a year or 2 ago??? LMAO!
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