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First shift as a bouncer will be tonight......

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  • First shift as a bouncer will be tonight......

    So if anyone has any tips for me..... Nows the time.
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    Have fun, take a few deep breaths, dont take any shit, and smile. Its been a while since Ive done it, but it was usually a good alot of different people..of course theres the occasional asshole, but it happens.

    What kind of place is it? Da Nudie Bar?

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      nope, just good luck!! (you will need it, hehe) j/k


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        Yes, I have a few suggestions.

        First off, don't be an asshole. There's nothing worse than an asshole bouncer.

        Secondly, if you can, let a group of hotties (that would be girls) in for free. They'll come out and talk to you if they smoke.

        Thirdly, get your other bouncer's backs. Don't be a puss, smash some face if needed.

        That's about all.
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          It's not the nudie bar.... That would not have went over well with the fiance.... LOL

          It's just a club where mostly the college kids go.
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            you mean the local canadian thugs??

            well... take care and watch that pretty face of yours, LOL


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              Its all about attitude. Be polite, be firm, always try to negotiate 1st....until it ain't negotiation time no more! If it gets physical your job is not to fight it is to remove that person from the prremises as quickly, quietly and non-disruptive as possible. Chokes, wrist-locks and arm-bars are your best moves.
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                let us know how it goes crank. ive been thinking about moonlighting as a bouncer (i need about 25 more pounds i think). sounds like fun though.
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                  aaahhhh, the good ole' days....

                  Best advice: You don't have to punch someone to hurt them. My favorite was while running them out of the door, act like you are losing your footing and run him into the door frame. You have to act like you really didn't mean to do it, though.

                  Never, ever start a fight but make damned sure you finish one that someone else started with you.

                  Oh, and smack a bar slut for me. LOL JUST kidding ladies.


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                    Ah yes...brings back memories for me too, just be polite as possible and if your going to approach a group of people about acting disorderly...make sure you let another bouncer know...securitey measure.
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                      Can't really add anything that hasn't been posted yet.....just enjoy it while you can cause it gets old pretty quick. Becomes a hassle more than anything in due time.

                      Just make sure when you give someone an ultimatum that you stick with it....and don't strike anyone. Like KR said...use chokes, arm bars, wrist locks.
                      If anyone in your area teaches Aikido you may want to hire them for some individual lessons and learn correct choke techniques and small joint manipulation. Instead of making guys bleed make them cry....small joint manipulation is the way to do that...and leaves no incriminating marks or blemishes. No legal hassles for you or the club.
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                        Well, I worked about 15 hours in total yesterday between my two jobs..... I also did it on 4 hours of sleep..... So when I got home at 4am I thought about posting but was a little too tired to do it....

                        So how did it go you ask???


                        The People (Ladies mostly..... ) were all very.......ummm... NICE! Yeah... Nice....

                        I wasn't there for 30 minutes when some drunk ignorant fuck decided to touch my arm and make a mocking remark about the size of it (not sure why... I was bigger then him....). I grabbed him by the shirt and nicely asked him not to touch me anymore..... He chuckled and went to the can..... Then I see our manager talking to the guy like 20 minutes later.... So I asked him if he knew him and told him he was an ignorant prick..... He told me to leave him, and said he won't do anything, he just has a big mouth.....

                        Later while on my post (we stand up on top of post boxes so we can see over the crowd), a guy comes walking towards me, falls into me, and spills some beer on my arm....... So I said, ok time to go home.... Just as I start to escort him out, he says he is friends with the owner..... So I asked the beer girl and she verified it...... DAMN! I wanted to throw his drunken ass out..... I think next time I will, owners friend or not....

                        Halfway through the night I was anticipating some big problems. Some big guys that bounce at a club in another town came in. Right away the owner told me to keep an eye on them. They almost got into it with some people but we difused it quickly.

                        All and all, most people are very respectful of our staff at this place. They listened to what I told them and I didn't have too many problems..... Of course next week could be a whole new game....

                        And for the guys who mentioned choke holds, the manager told me up front not to use them...... He said there is only a legit reason to use a choke hold maybe once a year...... Other then that everyone else can be taken care of without one. It would be fun to choke someone out tho..... LOL
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                          It's good to hear you're still alive. Is this just a weekend gig?
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                            I just totally stay away from the bar scene anymore. There are just too many stupid people w/ attitudes and have nothing beter to do than to pick a fight w/ people. It gets old hearing people yell.."I'm gonna kick your ass cuz! What's up now bitch!" I have a very low tolerance for ignorance!

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                              Originally posted by jaywooly
                              It's good to hear you're still alive. Is this just a weekend gig?
                              Yeah pretty much..... It's every friday, some saturdays and every once in a while a tuesday.

                              Looks like it will turn out to be fun for while tho.
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