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went bass fishing today

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  • went bass fishing today

    my next door neighbor is an ex-delta pilot he has a bunch of property up north denton near forestburg with a bunch of ponds on it. one is like a small lake. we went out in his john boat and tore it up. i caught 30-40 fish in 4 hours. most were around 2 pounds but i did get one 6 pounder. at the most furious part i made 11 casts and caught 11 bass. most came on a 1/2 oz diamond shad some texas rig and a few on jerkbaits and spinnerbaits. what a blast! i am taking my son out there before summer and let him catch some good bass.
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    Sounds like a lot of fun bro...wish a had more time to do some fishing...flounder gigging is a blast too.

    Whenever I go fishing I always catch a damn eel!!!! Last 3 times...eels, eels, eels......
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      I'm still hard water fishing here in the northeast. But anyday you get to fish is a good day.


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        Well said Mark. Fishing = good day.
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          Bro i caught a 9lb 10oz largemouth this past weekend. I happen to live on one of the best largemouth lakes in all of GA. Its a privrate lake i live on. And it has 16lb's and bigger in there.
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            TO bad you dont live near me. Evry1 i take on the lake has caught at least a 7lb'er and it has gone as high as a 14lb'er
            What the mind believes, the body achieves


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              i live close to lake fork and catch big fish but its nice to go to this pond its just so fast paced and damn turkey season is going to be great. the morning turkeys were all over the north east bank.
              time is the best teacher, to bad it ends up killing its pupil


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                I haven't been bass fishing in 10 years. I miss it sometimes.
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                  Never have done any bass fishing. Sounds like a good time. The only thing we ever go after out here are yellowtail tuna. Talk about a run for your money. They are a fighting mo-fo
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                    Great thing about fishing is that the bottle bass are always biting..

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