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  • METFORMIN (Thoughts??)

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    I am going to disagree on this one.


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      I certainly wouldn't be looking to use it around the workout window. Metformin significantly increases ampk activity which could interfere with the adaptations we're looking to gain from weight training? Also at 7-8% bodyfat you're likely to be very insulin sensitive and even more so in the intra and post workout period, so metformin would offer zero benefit here?
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        Originally posted by Ken "Skip" Hill View Post
        I am going to disagree on this one.

        Do you disagree with Matt's protocol for it's use or it's use in general? My thought is that it builds up over time and his protocol doesn't make a difference, but I don't have the knowledge of either of you so....
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          Most effects of metformin simply come from blocking gluconeogenesis in a liver.... unfortunatelly gluconeogenesis happens also in other tissues... so it doesnt even work as a muscle mass saver.
          Lower IGF-1 as well. It trully is a shitty product for bodybuilding. I think people are interested in it, because they dont understand fully how the medication works...


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            Dont like it in any way