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12 weeks out from first show in 4 years. My redemption!

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    If you were doing labor all day and then stopped that and you are only personal training, your activity levels are likely considerably lower right now. That sounds like the most obvious issue.

    Also, were you sweating like a horse while doing the labor work all day? If so, you could now be holding more water if your water intake is still the same.


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      It was rather slow during this time of year but yes sweating some what.

      After quitting my job, I lowered my calories (reducing carbs and fats) and added the second session of mid after noon cardio for 30 mins. This is when weight gain started to occur.

      An update for this week how ever; I'm up 1 lbs (201 before I skip loaded on the 2nd, baselined 201 on the 7th, 203 on the 8th and 9th. Skip loaded, only gained 8lbs normally I gain 10-11lbs, now this week today I'm at 204lbs.)

      My weight is increasing. But I can feel I'm getting leaner. I'm pinching around my glutes and thighs and I swear the fat is getting smaller. But I am holding a considerable amount of water I feel. You can tell by the pics my lower body is blurry and undefined.

      Before I put this prep on hiatus I got down to 198 lbs. filled back out to 220, started this thread and dropped down to 208 and then kind of just sat around deciding what I was going to do and my weight hovered 208-210 and then restarted prep at 8 weeks out.


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        I don't know what's going on. I try not to hold on to the past, but in my Preps before I always saw 1-2 lbs weight loss. I very rarely changed my diet.

        My physiology has definitely changed since my last prep 4 years ago (I would hope so) and it certainly changed after my "short break" and gaining 20lbs.

        Not going to lie, best I've ever looked at this weight. I've made some phenomenal gains, but this isn't going to win a state title.

        I'll do my best with the time and resources I have. I think me falling off track (when everything was perfect and I was eating lots of food and carb cycling) is the for sure culprit for me not being successful this prep.

        How ever my life is at a complete 180 degrees and I'm in a much much better place and I found my purpose and things are great. just going to keep grinding these last 3 weeks, keep skip loading at 12 hours, step on stage, then focus on another competition where it'll be 16 weeks of pure consistent progression, in a much better, stable, environment.

        I would also love to work with you skip for my next go around. So perhaps investing into your services in the future will be in the works. Been a while since I've had s mentor.

        No way I can fail next time. Plus I would love to continue the skip loading especially at 16 weeks out so I can get s further understanding of my body and carbs etc.

        Skip loading definelty is the bees knees lol. I look my best during the first 4 hours of loading I notice. The morning after I look fucking gnarly. Of course consuming water during the day you lose the detial but I notice I look my best during and the day after my load
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          So I took a break from cardio. Skipped cardio Thursday - Sunday (today) and dropped 2lbs!

          Friday evening I was looking flatter than usuall, how ever my mid section was grainy and tight and glutes and hams where much more tighter. I was peeing so much Friday. Skipping cardio seemed to have down me well.

          Loaded on Saturday at 202lbs base line.

          I ended up with a 16 hour load. Basing it off hunger, I was literally hungry all day. The first 7 hours I don't think I stopped eating. This is the most I've ever eaten I think and stayed comfortable and paced myself.

          Here is what my load looked like...

          Skip load 5/16

          5am 6-8 pancakes with maple syrup
          3 bowls coco puffs with protein powder
          2-4 granola bars

          8am (grazing led to bagels and my 2nd meal of homemade pizzas) 3 cinnamon raisin bagels with fat free cream cheese and jelly
          3 home made pizzas(white bread, marinara sauce, fat free cheese, low fat Parmesan)

          11am 3 fat free turkey sandwiches (ff turkey, ff cheese, light mayo)
          3-6 snack well cookies

          2pm granola bars, fat free fig newtons, snack well cookies. (Continue to graze at this point)

          4:30pm 2 bowls of pasta (ff cheese, marinara, reduced fat parmesan)
          Ben and Jerries froyo

          7pm 3 bowls Special K chocolate strawberry cereal with protein powder

          10pm small bowl of pasta
          3 fig newtons

          Grazed on granola bars, fat free fig newtons, snack well cookies. I would also have some bagels if still hungry.

          I ate for 6 hours straight pacing myself. Hunger as gauge I slowed down around 2 pm just getting in small amounts of granola bars and fig newtons. Once appetite was back I had my pasta and frozen yogurt.

          After frozen yogurt this is where it gets tough. Diary seems to bloat me bad. It's hard to eat and I'm very uncomfortable. All day was good until frozen yogurt. Well probably eliminate next load.

          Again, another 9 lbs gain (211lbs). So at least my weight is being consistent.

          I mind if I eat all the way till bed time I'll hold on to all this water weight for the day and just remain bloated and heavy. I'll drop 6lbs over Monday night how ever.

          If I end my load 4 hrs before bed (even 2 hrs) and just have my normal last meal I won't be bloated all day the next day and I'll drop 2-3 lbs over night.

          Just an observation.

          3 weeks out now. Going to keep diet the same but probabaly cut back cardio. I was thinking maybe skip out this whole week and start back up at 2 weeks out, but I probabaly want to do any cardio final week.

          So Monday I'm thinking 30 mins of cardio and just do 5 days a week for next 2 weeks (5 days this week and next week)


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            I would be happy to work with you in the future. Just let me know.

            In the meantime, keep grinding and kill these last 3 weeks.


            Twitter: @IntenseMuscle
            Facebook: Skip Hill
            Instagram: IntenseMuscle
            YouTube: TEAMSKIP

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              14 days out. 208lbs day after a 12 hour skip load.

              carbs are at 50 grams daily and fats are low. I cut back my cardio to 30 mins 5 times a week and im finding that my weight drops rapdily after the skiploads and doesnt fluctuate.

              Im getting tighter around my glutes and thighs but not sure if ill have enough time. Ill post another shot thursday once I get the water off me from the load.

              thinking of just running the diet for the next 2 weeks. skip the load on saturday and load into the show friday night and saturday morning after water shut off.
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                I'll get some pics tonight.

                Just a small update.

                197.8 lbs today. Weight is going down daily.

                Diet is sitting at 50 carbs/ 380 pro/ and 12-15 fat

                Cardio at 30 mins. Probably going to make Monday my last cardio day.

                Thinking of just doing a skip load meal. One meal that consist of pancakes, bagels, and cereal. Just eat till I'm full or don't exceed one hour.

                Then back on the diet and probably won't load again until Friday night before the show.