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2015 OCB Jersey Natural Open and IFPA Pro Bowl

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  • 2015 OCB Jersey Natural Open and IFPA Pro Bowl

    Hi everybody, I've been browsing around for some time now, but never created an account. Seeing how great the people are here, and the sound advice that is always provided I decided to post my current competition log!

    Some background info:

    - I am 21 years old, and competing in the men's physique division (I am unsure if i should cross over to Open, but I plan on registering for novice)

    - I have done two shows in the past, the first was a small high school show where I ran my own prep. My second show was the INBF Mr. America back in 2011, I entered the teen division and ran my prep with Rich Lauro.

    - In terms of weight loss, entering high school I dropped approximately 60 pounds in 4 months due to joining the wrestling team (went from 235b to ~170)

    - For my third and first men's physique show I am running my own prep, unfortunately due to being an independent college student I can not afford hiring and coach..

    - I started training at 16 years old, so this would be my fifth year in the gym!


    - Currently I weigh in at 169.5lbs, my body fat is probably somewhere between 10-12%, maybe lower?

    - My height is 68.5 inches

    *I started a very slow prep mid January, where i started at approximately 179 pounds, I decided to take it very slow, where i'd lose about half a pound a week*

    I am currently 10.5 weeks out from my show and my current macros are the following (I started carb cycling)

    High- 350C/180P/53F (2x a week)
    Mid- 200C/230P/68F (3x a week)
    Low- 50C/230P/110F (2x a week)

    My weight loss has been consistent with approximately 1-2lbs a week, and I try to incorporate a cheat day every other week. However I've moved towards more of a crazy carb up day once a week, depending on how flat i feel.

    Thanks for the support everyone!

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    I would post photos, but I haven't met the minimum number of posts to do so, sorry everyone!