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    I have been on the fence about doing a show for years. I have built a great base and currently weigh 198 lbs at a height of 5'8. I did a body fat test (a true to life BF% test not just the handheld thing) and came out at 14.7% so basically 15%. Im not so concerned about how high should I go before i cut down as i am just trying to get to the appropriate look/BF% by the time the Dexter comes to memphis (Oct 18) I would describe myself as a pretty true to life meso because if i eat clean and lift heavy i gain fast and if i diet i lose fast. I pay close attention to the body parts that typically others lack (legs, Back, rear Delt etc.) so i am ready on that. I guess my question would be would a 10-12 week cut be appropriate? i know the foods and percentages of each macro to eat but given the above variables would y'all think that would be a good timeframe? Thanks.

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    How old are you? Are you competing in a Natty show? ALWAYS pad your cut by at least 2 weeks more than you think you need (especially for your first show). I would actually say more like 20 weeks. It never works out like you think it will in terms of, "Ok, I have this much LBM, and this much fat, at this percentage, then I should lose this much fat, and be at this level of LBM, and be right here on peak week". Trust me, it NEVER works like that. You will lose more muscle than you have calculated, your metabolism will slow, your stress levels will rise, something always happens, so pad for it, and if I am wrong, and you come in 2-3 weeks early, then just maintain your calories and cardio until peak week. Always error on the long side of a prep versus a shorter one.
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