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    Hey guys, need your help. I need a change of pace training wise. Been doing moderate volume training 4 days per week and cardio 5 days per week.
    Normal body part split, currently dieting prepping for a photo shoot and 10 weeks in so far. Looking for anyone willing to post their training routines and perhaps sets, reps, etc.

    Found myself losing interest lately. Could be the dieting/cardio/life stress etc. Sister is currently staying with me going thru chemo so its been rough on both of us. Looking for a fresh routine. Im a very format type person, as Skip can attest to. Im coming to the forum because there are many respected members here and i have never competed more than three times, mostly photo shoots only. As i get leaner i find my movements needed to change and warming up takes much longer. I trust the judgement of members to assist me in any way they can. Thank you in advance!

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    Try that^