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Bowel movements on low carbs

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  • Bowel movements on low carbs

    I have a question about how normal it is to go 2-3 days without shitting when cutting almost all carbs out besides fruits and vegetables. Then when you do shit it’s pretty much nothing.

    I’m prepping for my first show, down to the low teens in body fat percentage, was at a point where I only had complex carbs left pre and post workout and 50g carbs from rice in 2 other meals, so I replaced the rice in one on the meals with a salad and changed my post workout carbs to fruit. Since then I’ll go 2-3 days without shitting, I feel a little bloated but that might just be in my head, and I’ve been training core like 2-3 times a week and vacuums every day since I’m too lazy to do cardio at night in the cold sometimes so I do 20 min core workout instead, I figure that could be a factor in the bloated feeling too. Just curious if this is normal or if I should use some laxatives to get things moving again (I figure if it’s normal laxatives won’t do anything but dehydrate me if I have nothing to poop).

    any advice would be appreciated

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    Volume of bowel movements is directly related to volume of food intake. Right now, you are using almost everything you eat so there would be very little "output." If you went and ate regular food for a day or Skiploaded or something similar, you would have regular bowel movements again.

    One thing I will say is if you are feeling bloated, you need to be sure your water intake is not too low. Lack of enough fluid intake will slow digestion and make you constipated. You should be at a minimum of about 4 liters and usually higher depending on body weight, environment (do you work in a hot and humid climate or train in the same? Are you sweating at work all day?) and other factors. Usually, I recommend 1oz per 1lb of bodyweight as a general rule.

    Soda, coffee, etc., doesn't count towards that 1oz goal.


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      Have you tried psyllium husk?
      It's a fiber product you can add to your meals or drink it as it is.