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Who's up for a bodyweight challenge!?! Video included

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  • Who's up for a bodyweight challenge!?! Video included

    Bodyweight strength is a great measure of strength for athletes, as many athletes aren't all that "big" - especially in terms of the muscle and iron game. Bodyweight challenges are cool because it's a relative measure of somebody's pound for pound strength.

    This is from Martin Rooney from - he is Frankie Edgar's strength coach and a well respected guy in the MMA and training world.

    The challenge here is to bench your bodyweight for as many reps as you can in 1 set (rest pause don't count here sorry DCers) and immediately follow it up with as many chinups you can without rest.

    Frankie Edgar got 55.

    My brother and Xconditioning Athlete Jeremy Cook threw down a 62 last week - he weighed 155lbs

    If you wanna give this a go let's post the vids in this thread.


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    I think I will wait till I am at competition weight to try this... 245 is to much to get good numbers on pull ups, might be able to get 25-30 reps on the bench, guess it depends on how much body english I can use on the pull ups and how high I have to go...
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      I think there's a CrossFit workout like this only it has three or five rounds or something...


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        Thank you for sharing the video.....Wanted to try it out.
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