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It's not Ben and Jerrys - a forum introduction

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  • It's not Ben and Jerrys - a forum introduction

    Just wanted to take this time to get this new forum started and get some things out of the way.

    First off, I wanted to sort of lay out what this forum will be and its expectations. I talked with Skip a little bit ago and thought that athletic performance would be something great to offer the already awesomest board on the internet. It is something that hasn't been talked about much on this board, but could be a valuable resource for some younger (or older) athletes looking to improve their athletic performance - lifting weights is one thing to make you stronger, but the difference for athletes lies in the crossover to performance in their sport - not just looking good (Bodybuilding) or squatting real good (Powerlifting) or picking up big, heavy things (Strongman) - there is much more to the athletic equation.

    SO the goal of this forum is to discuss, debate, and provide information for athletes looking to improve their performance. I'm certain there will be things discussed in here that go against/don't agree with DC training, or Bill Starr's 5X5, or any of the other bodybuilding related discussions that IM is so famous for.

    I will be posting articles on my thoughts, as well as answering regular forum questions and leading discussions.


    This forum is for athletic performance - unless you have significant training and/or experience in this field, please leave it to the experts to answer. Being a personal trainer without a significant athletic background, having played high school ball, or having read an article on plyometrics in Men's Health does NOT count.

    Please keep questions relative to the forum and as always let's keep it respectable.