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Pre-Post blend, L-Glutamine or Peptides??

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  • Pre-Post blend, L-Glutamine or Peptides??

    I am gonna order a custom mix when my current supply runs out
    I will be doing 1/2 carb, 1/2 protein for pre-post workout use.
    I want to add glutamine to it, should I use L-glutamine or the peptides?
    Remember, I lift at 5am and this is the only thing in my stomach. It needs to taste good and sit well.
    I currently use Nectar / dextrose / fructose / BCAA's/ Swole.
    I will go with a sweet flavor, strawberry kiwi or grape
    Recommendations on the glutamine and why......
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    glutamine peptides are digested more efficiently than normal free from l-glutamine. so go with the peptides

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      one word of advice that i can give is that never put peptide in your mouth and then try to wash it down. it tastes like ass and stays stuck everywhere in your mouth no matter what. but in a shake peptide is alright. in your situation i would go with peptide.