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  • Am I wasting my money

    If I use BCAA plus during my workout but only 1 scoop. It says I should take 3. But I tried 2 last week, and could barely get it down.

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    Use it at 1 scoop but be sure to use enough water because you want it diluted for better absorption.

    You may be able to increase that over time.


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      I hardly think it's a waste. Just take the one scoop, and if you want more later, take more. If 3 scoops benefits you, it stands to reason that one scoop will as well... just maybe not as much. Definitely not a waste, in my opinion.
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        I have been using EAA's and they are definitely worth it to me


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          I throw a couple scoops in a big jug of water (3/4 of a gallon milk jug) with some ice, creatine, and cyclic dextrins, and drink it throughout the workout and finish it when I am done. The key is getting it diluted enough as Skip said. I tried it in a normal shaker cup and had all kinds of GI issues.
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            Originally posted by RobbHensel View Post
            I have been using EAA's and they are definitely worth it to me
            I concur. I've gone between Pepto pro with cyclic dextrins and EAAs with cyclic dextrins, and I really can't tell much difference between the two in terms of recovery. I can tell the difference if I drop carbs though. Either karboload or HBCDs seem to do fine with me...

            I mix everything in a 64oz rubbermaid jug and finish that with no problem during a training session.

            But if you can't stomach the taste, use a bigger jug and more water.
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              I used to put my intra in a 20 oz and it really hurt my stomach.

              I am going to up it to a 64 oz and see if I can drink that during my 1hr session.

              What would you guys say the bare minimum oz needed in an intra shake?

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                I use 20-40g EAA's during my workout and have it in 50oz of water and no issues


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                  Use 1 1/2 to 2 xs the amount of lemon or orange crystal ud normally use
                  For 64 oz us use 4 try 6

                  It makes a huge difference to me using the citrus the fruit punch and hiawan punches and all the fruity shit (grape actually does pretty well) jus sucks with that stuff
                  I think that's why blue raspberry orange and grape are so prevelien lt

                  I mix 1/2 gal water
                  20 g eaas 10 g creative and 4-6 lemon c lights with a handful of two of ice and look forward to drinking it
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