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  • Fun with Order Notes

    This was from my last order in mid December. I saw on TN's facebook today they posted a similar one they did for a customer so I decided to share. Little things like this is why I ONLY buy from TN!!!

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    Hahaha! I got a kick out of the dinosaur pic that was posted too.

    I am definitely doing something silly for my next order. I'm thinking a riddle.
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      I asked then to write me a joke, I got a chuck norris one.
      Was not disappoint.
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        I'mma order something right now just so I can do this ahahaha
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          Holy crap, that's awesome. Hopefully it brings a little levity to the employees' day, as well.
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            Damn it! I feel left out I didn't ask for something fun. Maybe I'll be surprised when my order arrives Tuesday.
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              I'm going to ask them to tape a $100 bill on my invoice.
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                Ha.. hilarious!
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                  That's funny as hell! lol