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    Is there a way to get the 16 lbs + discount on multiple blend but over 16 lbs of the same protein rate?


    10 lbs team skip unflavored
    3 lbs team skip choc bananna
    6 lbs team skip java mocha.

    Its still 10.99 a lb as opposed to the 10.44 rate of 16 lbs of unsweetened.........Any way to get that adjusted on the site?

    It is possible I didn't notice the discount on my final form but its there if I only added it by hand.

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    Just mention that in the comment section of your order.
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      As long as you are ordering the same protein blend, we can extend the bulk discount to multiple flavors and refund the difference, however if you were to order 16lbs total of three entirely different blends, the discount will not apply.
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