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Banana and Wild Berry are both good.

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  • Banana and Wild Berry are both good.

    Received my latest TP order the other day. MRP mix flavored in Banana and Chocoloate. I've used the Banana and it's great! Tastes like Banana Laffy Taffy.
    Pre and Post workout mix flavored in Orange and Wild Berry. I haven't tried the Orange yet but the Wild Berry is awesome.

    What I like most about the flavors is they are not overpowering. There is just enough there to taste good, but not so much they overkill.
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    What sweetener did you use ?
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      i like mixing banana and chocolate together very good... as far as sweetner i just used asp. but next time i will change it up didnt know it was bad for you. not sure if there is a mocha or coffee flavor but id love to try that.