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Synthetine - Lipid Transporter for FAT LOSS!

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  • Synthetine - Lipid Transporter for FAT LOSS!

    If you haven't tried our Synthetine you are missing out.

    Whether you need to cut for a contest or just get leaner. Synthetine can and will help. Just check out what some of our customers from Professional Muscle are saying about it:

    Originally posted by mountaindog1
    I just wanted to give a ringing endorsement for synthetine. I once again got in what I think is pretty freaky condition with it. I use 2 mils before weight training sessions for 10 weeks. Didn't load it, in fact I didn't even jump start it with insulin for 2 weeks like I did last year. The results were awesome. Fat just melting off and fullness was great.

    Just supporting this product because it's real and it works awesome...period.

    Originally posted by Jblack
    Have to say the Synthetine is the game changer this prep for me. I was looking at a peak week pic from last year vs my 8 week pic this past saturday and was like wow! But the one thing I love most from this product is the energy I get from it. Its good clean energy and I love it.

    Now Elvia - I am 173...3 ml cool all before fasted cardio? I am currently doing 2ml pre fasted cardio and love it. Just did not know if 3 would be beneficial or not the way I do it. I do cardio 5am and train 9am. I really do not have a way to do the shot with my work and the way it all is in regards to that. PS - you look great buddy.

    The Ultimate in Bodybuilding - Because you want to be the BEST!

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    Been using it for a few months now and loving it so far. Seems to keep me pretty lean while trying to grow.

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      And I have discussed this compound at length on our podcast and in my EliteFTS Coaching Logs, as well. The stuff is just plain awesome.


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        I'm about 50 days in with this. Seems to be working very well!
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          Love this product as well. Been using it since January.


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            It brings us great pleasure to know that our products are part of your supplementation program!

            We know they work but its entirely something else when our customers are saying it for us!

            Thank you for your comments guys.

            The Ultimate in Bodybuilding - Because you want to be the BEST!