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  • Been Here A While but First Post

    Don't let the username fool you. I don't squat all that much.
    A little about myself...

    I'm a US Army soldier, 21 years of age, I've been active all my life and have been lifting weights for the last 5.5 years.
    I stand 5'9" and weigh an average of 175lbs year round and stay around 13-16% bf along with it.
    Big 3 Lifts
    Bench 305lbs
    Squat 315lbs
    Deadlift 435lbs

    I originally came to Intense Muscle because I heard Skip Hill on Advises Radio and was interested enough to look at all that there was to offer. Then I dove into the rabbit hole, learning all I could about DC training, stretches, dieting, fasted cardio sessions, different PEDs, and the list continues. It's been crazy looking at all these things and realizing I've not made a single post/comment. Maybe it's because I've never had the consistency and determination to take things to the next level and really follow/track a proper diet/training schedule.

    I hope that I can change that though.

    The goal of this post is to hopefully find myself more interested in keeping a log. I'll probably start small with just a training log and not a diet log due to my diet being terrible but, with time maybe I will create that as well.
    There are so many motivating people on the forums here that it makes me look forward to it and that I hope my posts/logs in the future my guide someone to living a better lifestyle.

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    welcome sirsquatsalot! i look forward to seeing your progression