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    Hey, IM members. I wanted to make an intro post to the forum before posting on any threads.

    I am just under three and five weeks out from my first two bodybuilding competitions. Through my reading and researching on how to prep myself, I stumbled upon Skip's articles on Elitefts and eventually found my way to IM.

    A little background on me: I started competing in powerlifting and strongman in the summer of 2006. I was much more successful with strongman than powerlifting, winning strongman teen nationals in 2006, winning my 105kg pro card in August of 2009, competing in the first Amatuer Strongman World Championships at the Arnold Classic (placed 35th of 50, haha), and recently took 2nd at World's Strongest Man U90kg 2017 after a seven year hiatus due to college and serving four years in the US Army. Though I love training for and competing in strength sports, it has just become too much stress for my body and I am only 28. I recently decided to give bodybuilding a try as an effort to improve my longevity in the iron game and still satisfy my urge to compete.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my intro and I look forward to contributing to the forum!

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      Welcome to the forum, there’s a load of great info here to read through, good luck with the comps


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        I've been reading non stop in my free time for the last two or three days! I wish more people would get back on the message boards and stop scrolling through their Instagram feed. This forum is a goldmine.

        Nice work with your recent show, Alan! You were diced, man.


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          Thanks and yeh couldn’t agree more there’s no info or discussion on IG or any social media really