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different ways to enjoy your oatmeal

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  • different ways to enjoy your oatmeal

    Fit Food - The Oatmeal Zone
    One of the best quick breakfasts you can prepare is a bowl of oatmeal. Not only is it economically priced and easy to make, it?s also very versatile. Oatmeal is becoming quite popular now that there are so many flavors and little dinosaurs made of sugar in the packets for picky kids. Instead of buying a box of ten packets for twice the price of a whole container, try some of these delicious and frugal ideas. These oatmeal variations pack more energy and flavor than pre-packaged oats without the 13 or more grams of refined sugar.

    Apple Cinnamon: Add chopped apple or a few teaspoons of natural, unsweetened applesauce to oatmeal and cook. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

    Maple & Use sugar-free pancake syrup and a dash of cinnamon or artificial

    Brown Sugar brown sugar replacement that is now available.

    Fruit & Cream: Add a little milk or vanilla protein powder and a few strawberries or blueberries to oatmeal or mix in a teaspoon of sugar free preserves.

    Maple Walnut: Add 1 tbsp sugar-free pancake syrup and a few chopped walnuts.

    French Vanilla: Add 1 tsp vanilla, a splash of low-fat milk, and a packet of Splenda.

    Cinnamon Raisin: Try using a few dashes of cinnamon, a splash of sugar-free maple syrup and a teaspoon of raisins instead of flavored packets.

    Protein Boost: Stir in 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder.

    Butter Pecan: Add a splash of imitation butter flavor, teaspoon of butter substitute or a few dashes of Butter Buds and a teaspoon of chopped pecans.

    Other Grains: Try a multi-grain hot cereal, 5 or 7-grain hot cereal, or oat bran for a little change of pace. Any of the flavor varieties listed above work well with these complex carbohydrate hot cereals.
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    i add a table spoon of sugar free jelly, only 10 calories. really breaks the monotony of contest dieting.
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        here's an oatmeal recipe that truly makes me look forward to eating oatmeal....cook your oatmeal like normal with water then add apple pie spice, a couple packs of splenda, butter spray, and the apple flavored wal mart crystal light knockoff.......tastes just like apple pie...mmmmmm

        you can also use this same idea with egg whites and oatmeal....amounts will depend on your needs...but put your egg whites, oatmeal, splenda, apple flavored drink mix, apple pie spice, and blend it with a hand blender..then cook in a skillet and you have apple spice pancakes....throw some walden farms on it


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          i like to nuke em for 1 minute and a half in water then add 8 oz chicken and tablespoon or so of chicken bouillon granules and cook it another minute...tastes great


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            New here to the forum. I actually love oatmeal, and either put applesauce in it, or mix it w/ a can of fruit cocktail. Good stuff.



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              I like to nuke them till there fairly thick and then add some LBA's over the top of them, about 45-60ml.....


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                These ideas look sweet!!
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                  I use the TP premium flavor packs for my oats. Tastes pretty good. I also throw in a scoop of unflavored whey...


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                    some peanut butter be a nice addition to oatmeal as well


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                      Honey and cayenne pepper. Sweet and hot!


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                        just add a banana to your oatmeal, cut it in pieces, and mash it. After that you add some vanilla low carb aroma and add some low fat milk. Put it in the microwave until it looks like porridge. Afterwards add some cinnamon.


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                          not bad, i cut super slim slices of bannana into mine. not even 1/10th banana into the oats but it adds tons of flavor to me


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                            whatever you do don't confuse chili powder with cinnamon


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                              I could swear heating up protein powder "ruins" it. I guess thats just rumour?