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Heres my routine

Push pull legs rotated every Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
Essentially one Big movement and one iso for every muscle group

Example of push
INCLINE BENCH- a few warmups and 2 working sets or one DC STYLE rp set
Decline hammer- 2 working sets of 12
Military press- 2 working sets rep range 6-12 depending or RP set
Reverse grip bench press same as above
Pulley push down and side lateral raises superset for time 3x12

IMO opinion it's a great starting point for you because it's basically exactlY IN The middle of the road. Less frequency and more volume then a DC type routine but more frequency and less volume then the typical volume routine. See how you respond and go from there .seems like a practical approach to access your tolerance to volume and frequency

Example pull
A back width exercis 2 working sets or RP
A thickness exercise (any type of row) 2 working sets
Rqck pulls 2 working sets
Lonbar curls 2 working sets
Single arm pulley curls 2x12
A forearm exercise

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