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Old 01-12-2009, 02:32 PM   #1
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Work, Gym and Energy

How do you guys do it? Seriously

A few years ago it was easy enough, going to university and getting in the gym 4-5 times a week. Now at 24 I'm really lagging. I'm doing 10-12 hour days at work and when I come home I really dont have the energy to hit the gym. I only go 3 times a week but I'm finding it harder and harder to give it everything in there.

How are you guys doing it? I know quite a few of you will be doing long hours at work, hitting the gym and probably have families to look after too. Where do you get the energy to do it all?

Could it be that I'm just not eating enough to get through the day?
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1) C A F F E I N E
2) Proper Macros

I'll give you an example. TOday I've been up since 0330 to go to the gym before my wife leaves for work. I'll probably take a 2 hour nap and be up until tomorrow(I work 1830-0630) where I'll take 1-2 2 hour naps not in a row depending on how my son sleeps, and get in 30-45 minutes cardio and go back to work and do it until my wife gets home wednesday night then I'll go back to the gym and sleep my two days off and do it again fri-mon. If I am too exhausted I just do it because I have to. I put my son in one of those backpack carriers and walk on the treadmill with him, its only 13 more punds and it makes him sleep! It's all about priorities I guess. I am 29, maybe you're burnt out IDK!
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Old 01-12-2009, 04:23 PM   #3
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I've done it just about every way you can, in college with tons of free time, working two jobs about 60hrs a week, and working a pretty normal 40 hr work week. But, my consistency in the gym never varied. I'm also not a person who can be productive on 5hrs of sleep. I need my solid 8-9hrs to be productive. Through the years I have never had a probelm doing it all or with energy. Althoug typically I have lifted post-college before work anywhere from 5-7am that way I'm done first thing in the morning before the work day has had a chance to tire me or stress me or take away my focus. But there have definately been sacrifices, mostly the social life. I guess the best recommendation I have is to fiigure out your priorites or time constraints, then make a schedule and stick to it. But, working a full time job and hitting the gym hard with a bodybuilding style lifestlye doesn't leave time for much else. Good luck bro.
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Old 01-12-2009, 05:09 PM   #4
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I just do it, I think about my workout for the day a lot throughout the day and look forward to it, apart from the drive and short walk to the gym where I`m worrying about the logbook.

Is it possible for you to workout before you go to work?
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The gym is one of my highlights. I prioritize my time, and have food ready to go.
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I ran into the same thing last semester with school. This semester I'm going to remedy that by 1) making it a habit, 2) not thinking about it, just going, and 3) train for a bench only meet in the spring, so I have something to train FOR.
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Old 01-13-2009, 06:13 AM   #7
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Can you take a one hour nap after work?

I find that, even when it's long into the day and I'm already tired, after the first exercise is done I'm, the worst part is preparing for the gym, not the workout itself.
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