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one trainers precontest phylosophy

Meal 1: Breakfast
100 grams oats,
1 banana,
2 scoops Pro Peptide,
Cup of black coffee.
Meals 2, 3 and 4:
Carbs -
Cook 200grams of basmati rice (dry weight/uncooked),
400 grams of sweet potato, and
A large hand full of broccoli.
Once cooked, mix it altogether and divide it evenly over the next three meals.
Protein -
200 grams of turkey (cooked weight) for meals 2 & 4, and
450 grams of egg whites with one yolk for meal 3.
Meal 5:
Immediately after my work out (my post work out meal) -
3 scoops of Pro Carbs, 2 scoops of Pro Peptide, 1 banana and 1 apple.
Meal 6:
100 grams oats or 100 grams rice,
with 200-250 grams steak and veg/salad.
Meal 7:
Protien shake
This diet provides me with 1-gram (or slightly more) of protein per pound of lean muscle (300/350 grams) and 530 -550 grams of carbohydrates, and the fats what occour naturally from my protein sources, approximately 30-50 grams.
I take Glutamine (10/20 grams) 30 minutes before breakfast and immediately before my work-out; and 10 grams of Creatine with my post work out drink. For my micronutrients Pro Vital covers everything, so I don't have to worry about vitamins/ minerals, and it also has the added benefits of antioxidants and the testosterone booster ZMA.
Aerobics: I do between 2/3 sessions of 30 minutes on the stepper. My body weight is stable with this, so my stage is set so that I have everything in place to work from.
So what do I do to start burning off body fat?
Well, most people cut back on their carbohydrates and continue doing this until they hit sticking point. Next they cut back some more carbs and so on until the only option is to then encorporate aerobic work. The reason people do this because they are under this stupid impression that aerobics will make them look stringy??? Nonsense, absolute nonsense! What is body building about? It's about building muscle and contest dieting, body fat. How on earth can anyone expect to keep muscle if they constantly keep cutting back on their food???
My belief is simply this:
Start off your diet where you know your body weight is stable and increase your output of energy aerobics. Doing this means you will start to lose body fat, as you are using up more calories than before and without dropping any of that valuable food - and believe me your food is valuable come contest dieting. As mentioned above, my body weight is stable, so step one is to increase aerobics to seven days a week from my original 2/3 days and keep everything else the same. Now I have got to lose body fat for the reason I have just stated previously. I aim to lose between 2-4 pounds a week and I will weigh myself once a week, every Friday morning before breakfast. The reason for weighing yourself before breakfast is that this gives you your true body weight. As you can imagine, if you weigh yourself later in the day you will be heavier due to the meals and fluids you have consumed.
When I stop losing less then 2 pounds I then take my training days, this being Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. So now I am doing 10 aerobic sessions of 30 Minutes at a time. By this stage aerobics should be second nature and you certainly will be fitter for it. Once I lose less than my target weight, I look at my options again to keep me on track. Now I could increase my aerobics, this time making each session between 40/45 minutes long this logically means I had to start losing weight or I could cut back on my energy foods - Carbohydrates. Remember we have not touched our food intake yet, so we do things gradually. If I do cut back on my food I drop my carbs on my non-training days only by 100 grams. Don't panic and chop everything at once, do it in small logical stages. As you can see I set out so that I can consume as much as possible, by making simple small logical adjustments that will enable me to keep as much muscle as possible while losing body fat. The main thing to do is just sit back, think and work out your plan of attack.
Lets summarise the stage required:

? Start off your diet with clean foods. If you are eating a fair bit of junk, work out your caloreis etc. and replace with quality foods, so it resembles the diet I mentioned previously. Do this about 4 weeks before you start your contest run in. If you do a 12 week diet, start the clean up phase 16 weeks out, come the 12 week stage you will have your stage set perfectly.
? Do aerobic 20/30 minutes, once everyday, especially when most don't do aerobics in the off season or very little obviously, you have got to lose body fat.
? When weight loss slows down, the next stage is to increase aerobics on non-training days only do two sessions.
? Next stage, when things start to slow down, increase your aerobics by 15/20 minutes per session.
? The next step you can consider to keep things rolling is to increase aerobics by doing 2 sessions everyday.
? When weight loss slows down again, drop your carbohydrates intake by 50/200grams on non-training days (the amount will depend on your diet and some people will be competing in lighter weight classes, so use your judgement).
? If you need to you can reduce your carbohydrates by 100grams per day, as there is only so much aerobics you can do. This should be the first time you reduce food across the whole of your diet, as you have exploited every other avenue.
? If you still need to get that extra off, repeat stage 7. Your goal should be that you are in contest condition, around 1-2 weeks out from the show. This will allow you to eat up slightly into your show and at the very least level things off so you can relax knowing that the hard work has been done.
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