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Here's a new challenge...ecto w/ endo traits?

Unfortunately I am blessed with great genetics...6'2" 185-190lbs @ 13-15%. I'm a tall lanky guy (ecto) with endo traits. I've been skinny my whole life and always playing sports. I'm now 24 yrs old and the insulin sensitivity isn't what it used to beI guess. My problem is not gaining weight but its gaining muscle. I find that when I add calories, they always seem to go to my waist.

I wouldn't have a problem if there was a somewhat even ratio of bf:muscle gain but its disgusting how much goes to bf. Anything less than 3700 or so and my weight stays stagnant....not slow but stagnant.

A typical gaining diet for me is ~3700 cals 400pro 250-300carbs 100 fat

meal 1: 2 scoops TP MPI, 2 whole eggs, .5c oats, fish oil
meal 2: 20g tuna, 1 tbls low fat mayo (2g fat), 2 pieces of 100% WW, 18 almonds, 1 scoop protein
meal 3: 8-10 oz lean beef, .3c LGB rice (if bulking...almonds if dieting), fish oil
meal 4: 2 scoops MPI, 2 eggs, .5c oats
meal 5: 8oz chicken, .3 c LGB rice or sweet potatoe
30g BCAAs during WO
50g whey, 50-70g dex, creatine PWO
meal 6: 8oz chicken or steak, .3c LGB rice

I log it in fit day and arrange the macros to fit my above totals

on off days I drop the carbs to 200, fat and protein remain the same. Also cut off carbs @ 6pm on off days

45mins light intensity cardio 3-4x's week
I sometimes substitute a walk for pulling a sled.

Typically train for strength (no hypertrophy yet): bench 250, 315 squat, 405 deadlift...I know I'm not that strong but surely I'm strong enough to have arms bigger than 14.5"s I think.

I find that I really can't get above 190lbs or so without the waist getting above 36"

Supps: creatine, green tea, multi vit, vit c, fish oil, sometimes taurine

Any ideas?

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Originally Posted by UNTAMED View Post
Unfortunately I am blessed with great genetics..
I'm guessing that's a typo?

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or perhaps sarcasm.
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Originally Posted by olinerules87 View Post
I'm guessing that's a typo?
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I have a similar problem. I am (or at least was when I started training 5 years ago) an ectomorph. I also gain fat really easily if I'm not careful. It can be really tricky to find the sweet spot of strength training, nutrition, cardio, recovery. The suggestions I have are nothing unheard of, but I find that when I really stick to them I can get very good results:

1. Eat 1.5g protein per lb.
2. Eat protein first at all meals (as much protein as is planned for the meal. Then on off days eat a planned amount of good carbs (rice, potatoes, etc.). Then eat fibrous veggies until full. On training days I eat the meat, then about a cup of veggies, and then carbs until full.
3. Carb Cutoff about 6 hours before bed every day (the only exception is my PWO shake, which will have carbs in it)
4. 45 minute walk every morning except leg-day.
5. All meals should be Protein/Carb or Protein/Fat.
6. I use a makeshift carb-cycling approach. I have a planned off-day nutrition. Then on upper-body training days I use the strategy listed in step two for training days. Lower body training days are the same with one addition. On lower body days I add a cheat meal. For the cheat meal I take a 50-75g protein shake and then eat as much of my cheat food as I can stand. The only rules that the cheat food should be pretty low in fat (I shoot for less than 20% cals from fat, and I won't accept more than 30%) and it must be completed before the carb-cutoff. When all is said and done my calories range anywhere from fairly low (3k) on off-days (which is maintenance for me on a non-training day) all the way up to a high (5k+) on lower body days with my cheat meal and all the rice included.
7. I drink tons of green tea. I find a good deal on sachets and drink as much as I can stand during the day.
8. Eat no less frequently than every 3 hours.
9. No trans fats ever.
10. Lots of fiber
11. TONS of Water
12. If you can't pick it, hunt it, or grow it you probably shouldn't be eating it. (my exception to this is my cheat meals, which is pretty much a free-for-all as long as there is no trans fat anywhere to be seen).
13. I only weigh myself 1 time per month, or else it drives me nuts.

Keep in mind, this is what works well for me. I am gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time right now. It may not work well for you, but hopefully you can find some helpful stuff in there.

Oh, FYI I train DC style, so I get 3 cheat meals every two weeks, 3 med carb days every 2 weeks, and 8 low carb days every 2 weeks. ]

Best of luck!
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^ thanks a lot, I appreciate then advice.

I currently pretty much stick to this:

Gaining: high carbs on training
med on off

Dieting: low-med on training
low-scare on non usually first meal or two then all pro/fat

I think I might try gaining but by lowering the carbs to med on training days and upping the fat to compensate. I've always been a little scared of going over 100g.
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