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Body Opus diet in a nutshell


The following is a very digested version of the Body Opus diet

Sunday at 6:00pm
Elliminate all carbs.


Total calories should be 90% of your normal maintenance calorie level. You should eat NO carbs For example:if your daily maintenance level I 3000cal, you would eat 2700cal on Monday,.protein should be about 800cal the rest, all 1900 cal is fat.

Training day #1 work of body today abs chest shoulders traps tri?s

Food types: eggs, meats (to include bacon sausage burgers) fish, oils

Tuesday: same diet menu
Training day #2 work the other of body today back bicep calves

Wednesday: same diet ? No training 20min cardio

Thursday: same diet no training 20 min cardio

Friday :2hrs before workout raise blodo sugar out of ketosis by eating 200 calories worth of carbs

Do full body carb depletion workout
After workout begin Carb super compensation

Saturday continue glucogen load

Sunday: continue glycogen load last meal at 6:00pm return to Mondays diet

You can expect to lose from 7-12lbs by Friday from the depletion
You can expect to gain back 5-10 by Sunday night from the carb load
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Thanks for posting this SM....I have been interested in this.
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