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Glutamine and Injury Rehab

"Glutamine has displayed its muscle-sparing effects by protein synthesis and decreased protein degradation, time and time again [52, 71, 140]. Post-operation glutamine supplementation, for example, has been shown to spare glutamine and enhance protein synthesis [48, 88, 123]. Additionally, GLN acts as a nitrogen donor for the synthesis of amino sugars, urea, nucleotides for DNA and RNA, purines, pyrimidines, and other amino acids necessary for cell reproduction [116, 128, 129]. Furthermore, during catabolic states, glutamine release increases rapidly. Skeletal muscle has a glutamine concentration of about 7 mmol/L of ICF water [87]. Your body compensates for decreased concentrations by proteolysis (breaking down protein), and decreasing protein synthesis. This allows other amino acids to be used and converted to glutamine [3, 10, 103, 107]. Additionally, there is evidence that glutamine acts as a substrate for transamination (the reaction between an amino acid and an alpha-keto acid through which the amino group is transferred from the former to the latter) reactions in the liver [114]. "

First off, I want to thank IM and Inhuman in particular for that information above (I did a search when I first came on here a few months ago and found that tasty little tidbit). I suffered a pretty serious knee injury back in March, when in a freaking game of frisbee football I completely blew out my patellar tendon (my kneecap literally travelled half way up my thigh!). I had surgery done the next day, and since that time it's been some serious work to get back to where I can train seriously again and work (I'm a fireman so that whole not walking thing kinda put a damper on my job).

Anyhow, This site has been a Godsend to me since it's given me plenty to read and learn, and since I've been able to lift weights for the last two months (except for serious leg or fun things like deadlifts), It's allowed me to rebuild my upper body at least to where i feel a little better about myself. Also, from the day that I increased my protein and glutamine dramatically, it seems as though my progression of strength/ability to walk has increased far more rapidly than it had prior.

Sorry it takes me forever to get to a freaking question, but here goes: How much glutamine would you recommend for injury rehab? I'm currently taking 15-20g/day. I know this is outside DC, so if you want to delete it, I understand. There's a ton of guys on here that know a lot about this, so I figured this would be a good place to ask. Any other supplements I should be taking?

I'm 5'9", weigh in at 210 lbs (up from 195 six weeks ago-thanks DC) and probably haulin around 10-12% bf. I'm also 37 years-old and have been training seriously for about twelve years. I just got the ok from my doc yesterday to hit the weights hard for legs because at this point my knee is cured and the only thing holding me back is that pathetic little thing that used to be my leg. Thanks for any help and for keeping me at least mildly sane through this down time.
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