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Tues Sept 19

Trace - I made it through pre-school ok. For some reason, I can never keep kids off of me. A couple of them touched my heart and it ended up being a fine experience. The rest of the day? not so great...but it's a new day, right? Right!

Had a good leg workout last night - still figuring out my weights after the summer of light lifting. Can't believe my legs don't hurt at all from the 20 miles on's like I only ran 5. No troubles at all. Not even really any stiffness even right after the run. GOT TO LOVE THAT!

Freaky tall blonde girl (wish I had asked her name so I can quit thinking of her as freaky tall blonde girl) came up to talk to me at the gym last night - wondering what I'm doing with my legs. She is like 6' or 6'1" and her legs have very little definition. She's pretty and TALL and slim and at the gym ALL the time, but she would look awesome with some more muscle - esp leg area. She complained that she can't get her legs to shape up because they are so long. At the time, I just told her to stop complaining about being a girl with long legs, but now I wish I had said something serious to her. I mean, would she be any different than a 6' GUY who is a bodybuilder? What would you have said to her?

Today is a major WORK day. I need to get a ton of stuff done!!! Also have an appt this a.m. to have my blood pressure checked. It's still running high even after increasing my meds, so I'm not sure what he'll do next. Another increase or a diff med, I suppose. Hope he'll tell me to wait until after the race to make any changes, tho - don't want to cause any unnecessary problems on race day.

What's everyone got in store today?
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Morning Julie!

Goodness! A 20 mile run? I can't even imagine that any more! Got a couple years of doing the Aloha Marathon under my belt, but sheesh that sure was a long time ago! Props to you Julie! I couldn't never do that anymore!

Glad to hear you survived pre-school! Sounds like you had a blast!

lol @ the freaky tall blonde. hehehe..... So you mean she wants to shape them or build them? If her legs are "thin" there is probably nothing to shape (not trying to be mean)...what she needs to do is build some muscle on those legs of hers and then in turn will be easier to shape and see some definition with dieting.

Today is chest/shoulder/tri. And need to get in abs or calves in as well. It's been too long of neglecting them. Well, really, it's not intentional...just run out of time in the gym. Too much talkin' perhaps.

Who's next???
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