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Skip's Training and Nutrition Journals All journals related to Skip's own training for off season, contest prep and just daily journaling over the last 10 years.

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Ken "Skip" Hill
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

My baseline is 215 from last week and cardio has been put back in (yah - not). Only 30 minute sessions 5 days a week so it certainly isn't torturous and I doubt I have responded as well to such a low amount of cardio in a very long time.

I did sprint intervals yesterday on the basketball court readying myself for my bitch-daughter sprint competition coming up soon. I have gone from thinking I will destroy her to just wanting to hang. lol I am nowhere near as winded sprinting now vs. only a month ago so that was noticeable. I'm pretty sure I am just going to trip her. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Loaded 4 large meals about 4 hours apart on Sunday with the SCGS compound and filled out considerably. However, I was pretty fatigued training on Monday. My strength was better but after not loading for 3 weeks I definitely felt the added water weight even though I didn't feel overly watery - if that makes sense. It was nice adding back the intensity of drop sets and RP and that sort of thing, though, too.

I only sprint on Mondays as it is far enough away from my Thursday leg day that I don't have any conflict. The rest of of my cardio is steady-state and non-impact. My hips and lowerback still are adjusting to the running as I get stiff the next day but nothing too bad.

I am 16 weeks out now (just under) and want to be less than 210 ish by 12 weeks out. I see no problem with this and if I can get to 208 ish that would be even better. Just trying to pace myself and not get too far ahead or push too hard because with hormone levels not what they used to be, I have less room for error and don't want to start looking like shit or eating away at the muscle I still hold.

Mrs. Skip is back on track and no problems with her nose to this point. She has a lot of work to do but is doing it and progressing quite well. It will be interesting to see where she ends up because she was roughly 128 ish last time doing figure and had too much muscle then but this time has considerably more so I am pushing her to do physique instead of figure. Ultimately it is her decision and she will make that decision later but she would do much better in that division, for sure.

Her mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer about 3 weeks ago so obviously this could become an issue moving forward for her and prepping. It is early in that she will undergo chemo and radiation and have surgery so we don't know how well it will or won't go at this point. Still, if she has to she will definitely put family before a show. We are just going to let it play out week by week.


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