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Thanks mate!
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SUMO DL with belt 3 set rep goal 6-8 rest 3 min

OHP 48kgx6 46kgx6
SS rest 2 min
SEAL ROW 76kgx5 62kgx11 (deload)

Crunch 19kgx14
reverse hyper Bwx10r 3kgx10 3kgx10 3kgx9 (1 min rest)
Stretching low back

side lateral DB raise - two sets of 15 reps, moderate weight mainly to warm up the joints
front/lateral DB raise - 15 reps immediately after each set of side laterals

DECL. BENCH PRESS 3 set rep goal 6-8 rest 3 mins
80kgx8 (paused)
72kgx8 (paused)

INCL. 30 DB BENCH 3 set rep goal 6-8 rest 3 mins
Not paused 33+33kgx6 (-1 rep of last week…)
Then 1 pump set to deload this movement 27+27kgx10r

BB POWER CURLS with straps 3 set rep goal 8-12
40kgx9 36kgx10 32kgx11 (no straps)
SS rest 2 min
DB Kickback 3 set rep goal 8-12
21+21x8 19+19kgx11 17+17kgx14

Over& back banded (for pre-hab)
myo-reps 30+10+10+10+10+10+10+10=100’s

During: Metallica- Am I Evil?; Metallica - Seek and Destroy; Metallica - Wherever I May Roam; Ozzy Osbourne Crazy train
Notes: 10% drop on the subsequents sets of BP, no more 5% cause progress going to stall. INCL DB PRESS don’t progress from 3 weeks, I don’t like this.60’ wo +30’ CARDIO LISS


ANDERSON SQUAT 3 set rep goal 6-8 rest 3 min
72kgX8 with belt (parallel. +2kg and same reps)
66kgx10 with belt (attg)
60kgx11 (attg) belt

W. CHINS 3 set rep goal 6-8 rest 3min

DONKEY CALF RAISES 1 set of 8-12 reps to failure, rest 90 seconds and perform 1 set of 20 reps to failure , tempo is 5" eccentric , 10" stretch , 1" concentric
25kgx20 (not good on low back)
60’ WO

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