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Pound Puppy Forum Newbie questions and answers related to DOGGCRAPP concepts and DC training are posted here and threads moved from the Dogg Pound are found here. Ignorance is not a crime in this forum.

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New blast input appreciated

Ok so im posting this here to get some opinions. I posted once in the dog pound but i thought that maybe it makes more sense to put this in the puppy pound. Im 28yo and weigh about 220lbs and have been training seriously for close to 8or 9 years. And im looking to start this blast next week.

Here is my first real blast:
• A Incline plate loaded press 11-15 rest-pause
• A Smith shoulder press 11-20 rest-pause
• A Smith CG bench presses 11-20 rest-pause
• A Rack chins 11-20 rest-pause
• A Deadlifts 4-8 9-12
• Barbell EZ curls 11-20 rest-pause
• Hammer curl 12-20 SS
• Leg-press calf raises 10-12
• High wide leg press SS 15-30
• Smith lunges 4-8 20 SS

• Incline bb press 11-15 rest-pause
• DB OH press 20-30 rest-pause
• EZ Dead skull crushers 20-30 rest-pause
• Wide grip pulldown 11-20 rest-pause
• BB row 4-8 9-12
• Incline seated dumbbell curls 20-30 rest-pause
• Pinwheel curl 12-20 SS
• Machine single standing calf raises 10-12
• STLD 10-15 SS
• Leg press 4-8 20 SS
• Decline bb press 11-15 rest-pause
• Plate loaded shoulder press 11-20 rest-pause
• Dips 11-20 rest-pause
• Close grip pull ups 11-20 rest-pause
• Hammer rows 4-8 9-12
• Wide cable curls 11-20 rest-pause
• 1 arm Cable reverse curl 12-20 SS
• Seated calf raises 10-12
• Seated leg curl 15-30 RP
• Smith squats 4-8 20 SS

Any input appreciated

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