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Why do you bodybuild/lift weights?

I just thought this would be interesting to hear from a group of guys that are obviously much more experienced and advanced than your average, gym-going, 'I do it for the chicks' wanna-be. So guys, why do you bodybuild/lift weights in general? Why do you put your body through so much torment and why do you spend so much time planning meals and such like?

1. As for me, I have so many reasons. Number one reason, in the words of Ronnie Coleman, is simply because, "I lub eit". It's a strange question when you think about it, I mean why would someoen love going into the gym a few hours each week wreaking havoc on their muscles to tear them down just go to back to normal life and rebuild them via food and rest? We spend the money on gym dues, then spend twice what the average American spends on food just to repair what we've torn down.

2. When I was 12 or 13, Arnold was someone that I truly looked up to. I remember meeting him when I was about 6, I swear an aura surrounded him. From then on I wanted to be big and muscular. I just thought it looked good and was what a real man should look like. It was the ideal, I wanted to be the ideal. I was a fat kid, really fat. When I was 12, I was 250+lbs with a 44" waist. I started looking up things about bodybuilding on the net, and when I saw how truly perfect some of those guys' bodies were I knew that's what I wanted. I was naturally strong and I was actually fairly muscular before starting, all the guys in my family were big and muscular (most were a little overfat too though) without lifting weights. I read everythnig I could about bodybuilding, and before I knew it I even learned how to sift through the bullsiht and pretty much knew instinctively that things like Flex and other rags were trash and gave shoddy advice. I'm not going to go into some sort of life history here, so the first reason was really because I just wanted to have the ideal physique, LOL.

3. My family's health history. EVERY SINGLE MAN on my father's side (including my father) has died from a heart attack or some other heart problem. My father just died in 2002 from congestive heart failure. I knew I was next if I didn't do something about it and do it quickly. Health has been of the utmost importance to me ever since, although my current bodyfat percentage doesn't quite indicate this...LOL.

4. To escape everyday life. The gym is MY time. Fixing and cooking my food is MY time. Cardio is MY time, and damned will be the day when someone is going to take that away from me. I spend so much time worrying about girls, my mother, my sister and her separated husband (lots of drama there), friends, etc. that I don't think of myself. Bodybuilding is an arrogant sport, admit it. Every hobby is arrogant when you think about it, you're doing it only for self-gain and satisfaction, there's nothing wrong with that. I try not to compromise too much family or friend time with bodybuilding, but I gotta do what I gotta do and I try to be as dedicated as I can without it completely engulfing my livelihood. When I'm in the gym, it's my escape. I forget about how stupid and bad people are and how much shit there is to deal with in life. Fuck all that for an hour four times a week.

5. There's no better feeling than reaching and surpassing a goal that you've set for yourself, and in bodybuilding we get to do it every goddamn day of the week. Or you know, we try our best. What's better than busting your ass day in and day out both in the kitchen AND in the gym then stepping on the scale after a month and your bodyweight went up 10lbs with very little bodyfat gain? Nothing, IMO. What's better than squatting 225 for 20 reps (hypothetical) one week, then going back and being able to do 250 for 20 the next? Again, IMO, not a damn thing.

6. I like the discipline. I enjoy fixing and eating all my meals on time (or as close to time as possible) and knowing that I'm doing what's best for my body both health-wise and hypertrophy and/or fatloss-wise. I like knowing that I'm much more dedicated than the average bodybuilder and this will only catapult me ahead of them.

7. I like being armed with the knowledge. If I'm ever interested in something, TRULY interested, I will spend countless hours researching whatever I can on that subject. This has been the case with bodybuilding for about 7 years now, hell, going on 8 as I'll be 20 this month. I like knowing that I'm a bit ahead of the game when it comes to knowledge for a young bodybuilder. I like knowing that I truly know what works for me and that I learned the importance of the most overlooked aspects of the sport (diet, rest, proper training) very early on.

8. I love training people and passing on what knowledge of training and nutrition that I have to them and making them earn the best gains they can. Seeing a trainee gain 10lbs of muscle in a short period of time is almost as exciting and fulfilling as seeing myself do it. ANY decent personal trainer can tell you this. I can only imagine how awesome Dante feels.

OK, now that I've put you to sleep, why don't you share your reasons for lifting? I really think this could get interesting...

Sorry for the long ass post. I didn't realize how truly long it was until I scrolled back up.
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