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Front squats, leave them in or switch them up?

Hey guys, it's been a while since posting. A few weeks ago I finished my first "test drive" blast. I made decent strength gains across the board even on calorie deficit since I am cutting up right now. So after cruizing, I started a new blast last week. My B1 quad exercise was free bar front squats. Now I haven't done front squats in 4-5 years, and then was on a smith machine. I wasn't expecting miracles, but they kind of sucked. I knew the first week would be kind of trial and error, but my problem was my shoulders gave out before my quads. I do arms across shoulders and elbows up grip instead of wrist bent back style. Balance was fine, but I only got up to 185 for 5 reps on heavy set. As comparison, today was back squats, and I did 250 for 5, and widowed 185 for 20. Last week my quads didn't feel like they did much at all.

So my question is, should I just tough it out and get my shoulders stronger as I go, or just swap it out for something else. Last blast I did squats, hack squats, and leg presses. This time, I have front squats, back squats, and single leg leg presses in that order. I just felt like my quads got cheated last week, and smoked them today. Maybe I will keep them, and take advantage of being able to do some additional cardio every other week until my quads start working hard at them. BTW, I am planning this blast for 8 weeks, since I am going on a cruise Dec 11, so I only have 3 more cycles until then. After the cruise, I am going to start eating above maintenance cals and start my winter bulk. I can't wait to hammer DC while on plenty of cals instead of low cals.

Thanks for the responses!
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