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Pound Puppy Forum Newbie questions and answers related to DOGGCRAPP concepts and DC training are posted here and threads moved from the Dogg Pound are found here. Ignorance is not a crime in this forum.

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I think I'm doing this right, but...

OK, I think I'm clear on almost everything DC.

One question--on the straight sets we do for some things, is it still a 2-3 true second negative? I assume yes, but not sure.

Also on food, what are thoughts about carbs? I know about the carb cutoffs and pro/carb or pro/fat meals, but I mean high or low GI carbs. I need to actually get leaner, and staying with lower GI carbs usually works fine for me. But is it ok to eat a cup of pasta with my cup of brown rice? (I might have just answered my own question...) I have, IMO, not great insulin sensitivity, though I'm no where near diabetic or anything like that, I just know my body. I just make sure to take R-ALA with all of my pro/carb meals. Just wondering what some vets' thoughts were on that.

Also, yesterday was my first day of DC training. I started feeling the soreness and tightness last night. I'm sore today, but not incapacitated by it. Should I be? I don't think I could have gone any harder with my workout (without some sort of chemical help), but I'm just trying to make sure I'm killing it, and doing it right.

Any help would be much appreciated. Sorry for the long post.
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