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The pants are tight, got thermo?

I have recently added some cardio to my program, because I recently (today) hit the magic 200lb mark. A twenty pound gain since starting to do DC. Seems like cause for celebration. but my pants are fitting damn tight so I know it's not all muscle, ok, not even close to all muscle. I can handle the expense of the supps, but a whole new wardrobe to accomodate the fat that comes along with some good muscle gain...not liking that idea much, the fat gain needs to slow down or stop.

So, I've been doing a thirty minute walk a couple mornings a week, doing a 15 minute or so cycle or walk post work out 3 times a week and experimenting with a timed carb thing for a couple weeks. Still went from 198 last week to 199 Sat. and hit 200 today, so I'm still gaining and the pants are not getting tighter, and maybe the pants are even getting just a placebo's width looser... maybe.

Point to all this...I was looking through some old writings of Dante's and he mentions taking some thermos while doing this kind of thing to keep the fat to a minimum, I recently started taking some green tea extract caps my girl got me (15% polyphenols, as opposed to the 50% polys of TPs powder, not sure what all that means to me...time for more research). So I was looking at the suppliment section of TP and there are many things I am unfamiliar with, so I couldn't figure out if any of them are like thermogenic supps that would help with the fat loss while holding on to the muscle gains.

Does TP have anything anyone could suggest that would fit the bill, if not could someone suggest something outside of TP that has worked or is working for them?

Sorry if this is DietSupps101 for the experienced among you, but I would greatly appreciate any help.

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