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Juanca's DC log, the QUEST

As i now consider myself ready to begin DC training, its time to prepare a log to record my workouts and my progress.

Let me start out by giving some basic information/stats about myself.

Current Weight-161lbs
Lifting experience-2years
Beginning Weight- 120lbs at age 18(thats 41lbs in 2years, in that time, i have NEVER bulked. i simply trained hard and then even HARDER to gain muscle)

Genral Information- I have allways been a strong believer in the saying "more protein is better". ive allways aimed for 2g of protein per LB of BW. ive used very few supplements in my time. i stick with the basics. I have made good gains so far IMO. Like i said above, ive never fell into the "bulk & cut" frenzy, so i just continously made gains, perhaps slower than others, but still i made gains, over a longer period of time. IMO, 41 lbs in 2 years with little to no fat added is good. my waist has in fact gone from 32" to 31.5"

DC routine that i will be using:
I will be training mondays, wendesday, and fridays of each week.

Workout 1a-
Chest-Incline smith presses
Shoulders-BTB smith presses
Back Width-Wide Grip pulldowns to the front
Back Thickness-Deadlifts

Workout 2a-
Biceps-EZ bar curls
Forearms-BTB wrist curls
Calves-Standing BB calf raises
Quads-Front smith squats

Workout 1b-
Chest-Decline smith presses
Shoulders-Shoulder smith presses to the front
Back Width-Reverse grip pulldowns
Back Thickness-BB rows

Workout 2b-
Biceps-DB curls
Forearms-Hammer curls
Calves-standing machine calf raises
Hamstrings-Lying leg curls
Quads-Hack squat

Workout 1c-
Chest-Flat machine press
Shoulders-OH shoulder machine press
Triceps-Reverse grip bench
Back Width-V grip pulldowns
Back Thickness- T bar rows

Workout 2c-
Biceps-Incline db curls
Forearms-Reverse grip ez bar curls
Calves-Calf raises on LP machine
Hamstrings-Sumo presses on LP machine
Quads-leg press

That is it.

As far as my diet goes, these are the basic choices.

Lean protein sources
egg whites

Fat protein sources
whole eggs

Complex Carb sources
brown rice
whole wheat bread & pasta

Good fat sources
Olive oil

I will be eating POUNDS of either chicken, meat, or fish at all my meals. 2g of protein per LB of BW is a must. i will be adhering to my carb cut offs at 7pm, after that, only trace carbs such as vegetables.
ALL my carbs will come in my first 4-5meals, well before 7pm.
For now, i wont be doing any cardio, as my BF% is, IMO, not out of hand.

1cup oatmeal
10 egg whites

1lb turkey
2cups veggies

1lb chicken
1cup brown rice
2cups veggies

1lb red meat
2TBSP olive oil

1lb fish
LARGE salad w/low fat newmans dressing

2 scoops whey in water

Pre workout-1/2cup of oats and 2scoops of WHEY in water

Post workout- 5 Scoops of Beverly intl Mass maker and 1 scoop of WHEY in water


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