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baseline vs average weight

Hi Ken,
I've been skiploading for 3 weeks, dropping a kilo or 0.5 kilos pw so all good so far!

this week I barely baselined (0.1 kilos under) but my net loss is half a kilo. I weigh myself ed and take an average weekly reading so I'm still on track. I usually baseline after 5 days.

this morning (loading day) I'm over baseline weight despite diet and training being consistent (first time this has happened). the last 3 weeks I've weighed in lighter that this on load day so im concerned this week might not see a loss on average since weight will shoot up tomorrow from the load.

should I drop week day cable slightly?

excited to see your new protocol by the way, I'm going to be starting try soon aged 46 after being natty all my life so I'm looking forward to a few years b and c before I get too old!

thanks for your advice, always appreciate your feedback!
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