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Alright boys and girls....did my first official "welcome back" workout today.
I did Chest/Shoulder/Tricep?Back.

Chest- Low Incline Smith Press
Shoulder- Power Rack Seated Front Press
Triceps- Floor EZ bar Skullcrushers
Back Width- Wide Front Pulldowns(palm facing in)
Back Thickness- T-Bar Rows in the corner

Mentally of course I felt I could and should do more, but that will just be temporary as I work back into "DC mode" I'm sure. I wasn't quite sure of the weights, but for Chest I got a total of 18 reps, Shoulder was 17 reps, Tricep was 11 reps and Pulldowns were 19 reps and the T-bar was a set of 12 trying to stand as upright as possible....

Of course adjustments need to be made in weights, but that will come.

My plan for Wednesday is Forearms/Biceps/Calves/Hamstrings/Quads

Forearms- Hammer Curls(should I do RP or straight set?)
Biceps- Barbell Drag curl (RP)
Calf- Seated Calf Raise(4 min straight set equal to 12 reps)
Hamstrings- Lying Leg curl(RP)
Quads- Barbell Squats(set of 6 and a widowmaker of 20....right? lol)
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