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Originally Posted by BigPete84 View Post
Now, my question is, how is someone supposed to pick what exercises to do, which are the better choices, which are the best etc etc etc?
I loved how David henry did his workouts, but would just like a description of his workouts, how there done, the rep scheme and the exercises.
Also, would love alternatives....I guess a lot of that would depend on what is available in your gym?

So I would love some feedback on exactly how to train Doggcrapp again and the different variations, diet/nutrition, etc all the things I would need to know.

Peter Rusted

As far as exercise selection, you wanna pick exercises that will allow for the optimal strength progression. Example: military press vs db side laterals. Your gonna push more weight with the mp. That equals more to gain. Compound movements are golden in this program but you still have to have variations and other options because you eventually stall on an exercise and have to switch it out for another one. I am just giving you some quick info but you're gonna have to read the stickies until you know the program inside out. Once you study the program and grasp it, you just have to jump in and do it. You almost have to develop a strategy as to place what exercises where and when in your blast. And yes, your gym has to have a good amount of options to do dc. You basicly have to do your homework first before asking questions. It's all laid out for you in the stickies. The veteran members on this board have put a lot of time and energy into the stickies and have said everything like a broken record til blue in the face, so dont take offense if people get pissed at you if you ask a question that is garaunteed to be answered already in the stickies. Hope this helps.
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