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Returning to DC after 6 years!

I just recently watched David Henry's new video "Extreme Measures" and absolutley LOVED IT! It was so inspiring and motivating. I've come to the conclusion that I want to start back with DC training.I am a competitive bodybuilder and model. At my best I weigh 190-192lbs at maybe 2 or 3% bodyfat. I'm 24yrs old and I am natural, although I did 1 cycle and ended up fuckin up my body, so for now...I'm playing the natty game.
Anyway, I really liked how David trained 4 days and I also like how he usually did 2 "exercises" for each bodypart. He'd do his usual 3 RP set, and then after he would do a widowmaker of another exercise. I loved that aspect of it. Originally, I did a 3 day/week split:
Monday- Chest/Back/Shoulders/triceps
Wed- Forearms/biceps/legs
Friday- chest/back/shoulders/triceps

Friday- forarms/biceps/legs

You get the idea of what we were doing? Now, my question is, how is someone supposed to pick what exercises to do, which are the better choices, which are the best etc etc etc?
I loved how David henry did his workouts, but would just like a description of his workouts, how there done, the rep scheme and the exercises.
Also, would love alternatives....I guess a lot of that would depend on what is available in your gym?

So I would love some feedback on exactly how to train Doggcrapp again and the different variations, diet/nutrition, etc all the things I would need to know.

Peter Rusted
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